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Magic Milk: “Pink Flamingos” (Playing Beat Kitchen this Thursday)

The last year or so has brought Chicago music fans so much sloppy, fuzz-driven garage music that if I were to tell you that Magic Milk was exactly that, you might be inclined to brush them off. Don’t. With an absurd amount of vocal distortion that rivals that of the Strange Boys and guitar work that walks with the swagger of Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” “Pink Flamingos,” from last year’s self-titled EP, is a step above any garage tune I’ve heard in a long time. The song even features an epic harmonica solo that ends with a manic scream from singer “fuckin kenny.” You can catch Magic Milk this Thursday at Beat Kitchen with An Horse and Chicago’s Warm Ones.

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Warm Ones-Checking In

Ever since last year’s Sprezzatura, I’ve been itching for something new from Warm Ones. “Checking In” is a fast-paced, loveable pop song in the vein of  “Love for a Week” and “Wonders of the World.” It carries the tone of a quick stop and chat and ends even more abrubtly than the worst of awkward silences. At just over a minute, it’s hardly enough of a snack to hold me over until they release a full-length, but luckily the band has also released an even more garagy remix of “Toys.”  You can catch Warm Ones with An Horse and Magic Milk at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, September 27th.

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