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Pops Tops: Top 11 Releases of 2011 (#8-11)

#11: Northpilot- “1,000 Lives” b/w “Maps & Dragons”

A few weeks ago, I featured Northpilot’s single, “1,000 Lives” and thanks to its atmospheric synth work and sci-fi themes, I thought it sounded like a Sci-Fi magnum opus. If Narrow Sparrow’s Synthworks EP is a 50s Sci-Fi B flick, than “1,000 Lives” is more George Lucas. The B-side, “Maps & Dragons” is a bit less operatic but just as great nonetheless.

#10: Mannequin Men-Mannequin Men LP

Mannequin Men’s selft titled Addenda release is sort of a garage rock anomaly in that it would feel just as at home next to the new Black Lips album as it would with an old Waylon Jennings record. You also get some post punk and Pixies love on this record.

#9 Tiger Bones-Go Over Here EP

Because Tiger Bones draw on just about every era in rock’s 40 something year history from Band of Horses to 80s post punk to reverby 60s psychedelic and because I’ve decided to keep these album write-ups short and sweet,  I find the task of wrapping this EP up in some snappy, well-worded description to be impossible. So I won’t try. Just listen and enjoy, and if you need to slap a label on Go Over Here, all I can say is, well, good luck.

#8: Tiny Fireflies-Change EP

Change consists of 4 soft, sweet, synthy dream pop songs. Think the Smiths with a girl singer, minus the pretention.


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Tiny Fireflies: “So Sad to Say Goodbye”

Once again I find myself completely enthralled by the sweetness in Kristine Capua’s voice and melodies. Cupua, along with Lisle Mitnik make up the indie pop duo, Tiny Fireflies. They’ve just released an animated video for their song “So Sad to Say Goodbye.” The song is wrapped in the same dreamy, lo-fi blanket that the duo’s other band Very Truly Yours cuddles up in.

Again, I find myself wondering if it’s an electronic drum beat I hear keeping the insanely catchy pop tune in check. And again, I find myself thinking of the Cranberries (even though I’m not quite sure I can name a Cranberries song off-hand). The song bounces with the post-punk sensibilities of the Cure or New Order with the adherence to that something old that set the Jesus and Mary Chain apart.

The video, which seems like a 7 year-old’s depiction of a thunderstorm perfectly captures the sweetness and naivety of the song’s lyrics, “We could run away and I don’t mind/ It won’t be so sad to say goodbye.”

For me, it’s hard to tell where VTY ends and where Tiny Fireflies begins, but I’m a hopeless fan of both.

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