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Album of the Month: The Laureates’ Spells

Last year, the Laureates smittened me with their EP, No Kontrol, so much so that I named it one of the 5 best releases of the year. On Spells, the guys may have opted to ditch the heavily distorted vocals, but have kept the Britpop sensibilities that hooked me in tact. It’s not surprising this LP was recorded during the same year the band also recorded a year’s worth of covers from bands like the Yardbirds, Stones, and Troggs. Spells, much like it’s predecessor shows no qualms about wearing its British Invasion influences on its sleaves. You can see this influence most noteably on “Worry Worry Worry,” a 90s Britpopesque take on the sunny psychedelic Beatles tunes like “Rain,” that Oasis, those bums, could only dream of writing.

The album finale, “Moon Bitch” emits Bowie vibes at a nightmarish pace. And the pleasant, stroll-worthy “Life of Leisure,” like a raincloud at a picnic, starts off contently sunny and bouncy, but ends in a swirl of dark psychedelia.

Download Spells for free or buy the vinyl LP at Candy Dinner.

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