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Mannequin Men cover “Nuttin’ For Christmas”

Mannequin Men stopped by the A.V. Club Studios earlier this month to play their cover of the novelty 50s Christmas tune “Nuttin’ for Christmas,” and though the snowless, 40 degree weather and lack of televised “Jingle All the Way” has left me with little Christmas spirit, this punk-inspired cover has given it a much needed boost. Check it out here. While you’re at it, why not pick up their new vinyl LP out now on Addenda?

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Slushy Interview (Playing Crown Tap Tonight)

Chicago bubblegum punk band, Slushy, answered a few questions for me back in April. Read on before heading out to Crown Tap tonight to see them along with Straight Arrows (Australia) and Proto Idiot.

1. How did the band come together?

Slushy started around August of 2010. Chris was playing shows on
his own, and Max and Jason were in a band together. Their band broke
up, so Max started playing with Chris. Brent saw them play, and
started helping them get shows. After a while, they decided that the
four of them should play together, so they did, and became Slushy.

2. How did you decide on Slushy?
It’s sloppy and poppy and catchy and summer and syrup and all good
things happening at the same time.

3. What are your top 3 influences?
The Beatles, Tony’s Pizza, and stoops.

4. Would you call yourselves a punk band or a pop band?
Both. The best punk bands are just bands that wanted to remind
everyone how good pop music is. We write pop songs, but then we only
half-learn them and play them fast and loud, because that’s how music
is supposed to be played.

5. Describe your recording process?
Well, we don’t really have anything out, so we don’t really have a
recording process. We recently went to Strobe Studios in Humboldt Park
and recorded together as a band for the first time. We played
everything live in the room and recorded to tape, then did overdubs to
make it all even more awesome. So far we’ve just put out some CDR
demos that Chris and sometimes Max recorded at home with a drum
machine and a broken guitar amp.

6. What part does Chicago play in your music?
Chicago has some great people and great bands who motivate us to keep
making more and more awesome music. Chicago winters are terrible,
which is why we have songs about having fun in the sun and going to
the beach and girls from San Francisco.

7. Buddy Holly or the Ramones?
Oh man, this is like Sophie’s choice. Gotta go with the Ramones, but
only because of Riff Randall.

8. Describe Slushy to a 90 year old woman.
Guitar music. Like the Beatles but more handsome.

9. What are your plans for the rest of 2011?
We’re putting out a record with Slow Fizz, and maybe a couple of other
labels by the end of the year. Playing shows around town and around
the midwest. Wearing shorts for a while, and then switching back to
long pants. Getting slices at Tony’s as frequently as possible.

Interview Originally posted on Chicago Garage.

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The Field Auxiliary: “Phantom Limb”

Simply put, the Field Auxiliary’s “Phantom Limb” off their recent release, Bed Riddance to Rad Garbage is one of the most well-written pop songs I’ve heard in a long time, anywhere.  What should be a simple, piano-driven, summery tune is perfectly skewed by horned synth lines, echoes, a ton of reverb, and other misc. noise.  It has a sort of Flaming Lips-like touch of weird where you know you’re listening to a pop song, but you can’t label it such without several reservations.  And there’s even an allusion to “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” somewhere in there.  The words are poetically versed and seem somewhat cynical when compared to the otherwise poppy nature of the song.

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Gold Motel: “Leave You In Love”

Last month, Gold Motel released their latest single, “Leave You In Love.”  The song, true to the Gold Motel mold, is a burst of fun, sunny California pop. As Greta Morgan laments over lost love, the band behind her are busy intricately crafting a Strokesy hook-filled tune circa 2004’s Room on Fire. You can download “Leave You In Love” for $1 at the band’s Bandcamp page.

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Very Truly Yours: “Girls Tell You Secrets”

Chicago’s prettiest pop group, Very Truly Yours have unveiled the video for their song, “Girls Tell You Secrets,” which was recently released as a 7″ on Cloudberry Records.  The song is equipped with “la la las” and an endearingly sweet melody and harmonies, which sounds to me like a more bubblegummy version of the Cranberries.  The video was shot at Montrose Beach in Chicago with a Super 8 camera.

Directed by Billie Howard
Edited by Billie Howard and Jesse Giallombardo
Camera operated by Ryan Balock

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Warm Ones-Checking In

Ever since last year’s Sprezzatura, I’ve been itching for something new from Warm Ones. “Checking In” is a fast-paced, loveable pop song in the vein of  “Love for a Week” and “Wonders of the World.” It carries the tone of a quick stop and chat and ends even more abrubtly than the worst of awkward silences. At just over a minute, it’s hardly enough of a snack to hold me over until they release a full-length, but luckily the band has also released an even more garagy remix of “Toys.”  You can catch Warm Ones with An Horse and Magic Milk at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, September 27th.

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