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Locksley at Schubas Sunday Night

Locksley uses power pop as a vehicle to spread their love of Beatle Boots, Doo Wop, and 70s American punk. I’ve used Locksley to get my Please Please Me’s out for a few years now, and now that the Redwalls are MIA, I rely on their 60s power pop all the more. When they came to Panchos just a few months ago, I was surprised at the relatively small turnout, which consisted mostly of pining teenage girls, for such an infectious and energetic band. If you go see Locksley Sunday night at Schubas, I can promise you that you’re life will not change. You will not realize the meaning of life. You will, however, see a band that cares about very little other than making sure their songs stay in your head and that you leave happier than when you arrived.

Locksley plays at Schubas Sunday night in support of Alpha Rev. Doors are at 8. Before heading out to Schubas, check out their video for “Darling It’s True” off of last year’s Be In Love.


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