White Mystery: “Toxic Sugar”

As if White Mystery didn’t just release a full-length LP back in April, the brother-sister duo are already back with “Toxic Sugar,” a song recorded and mixed at Electrical Audio less than a week ago. “Toxic Sugar” is what Lenny Kaye would call a nuggett. Right off the bat, it moves with WM’s signature riff and tom-heavy, fuzz-filled garage power before ending in a swirl of noise and feedback. The highlight for me was the sort of demented “Twist and Shout” “ahs.”

Catch White Mystery this Sunday opening for Weezer at the Congress Theater. Doors are at 5:30.



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2 responses to “White Mystery: “Toxic Sugar”

  1. Hey, thank you for the shout out! XOXO There’s a lot more new White Mystery music where that came from. http://www.whitemysteryband.com

  2. Watch Lazy Day Lounge’s Episode Nine: White Mystery

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