Manwomanchild's self-titled LP was released late last year

 All the way back in December of last year, MANWOMANCHILD released their self-titled LP. Then, back in May of this year, they released a video for their song, “Reasons.” Here we are, September, and I’m just finding this tragically undiscovered Chicago gem.

Rarely do you come across a song that is able to mix fun, pop arrangements with intelligence and make it stick. Behind thought-provoking lyrics and  a Dylan-esque sneer, David Childs, the mastermind behind MANWOMANCHILD, sings “Standing alone in a vacant parking garage/is a man who maybe might be God.” It’s at this point I have to wonder if the silver wig is a diversion from the lofty content of the song (You know, like Lennon did when he changed the name of “The Void” to “Tomorrow Never Knows”). In any case, I get the feeling that David Childs might be a well-read fellow, but his music lacks the pretension of say, The Shins (I love them but I always had this image of James Mercer fanning himself, sighing, “Oh, Inverted World.”) 

If you enjoy “Reasons,” I strongly suggest giving the entire album a chance.



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  1. should post more often great read, also like the design of the site.

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