The Orwells: “Under the Flowers”

The amount of quality songs The Orwells have turned out this year is amazing, considering nobody in the band is over 18. “Under the Flowers,” one of the band’s most recent and best singles is a slow-burning garage tune that doesn’t really go anywhere, instead, it seems content to linger on its one simple, solid hook. The song revolves around a quickly-paced, recurring lead line and angst-driven lyrics. Orwells singer, Mario Cuomo sings, “I need you to know, if you let me go, I’m gonna die,” naively believing, as we all have at some point or another, that a failed relationship at 18 is the end of the line. As I’ve said since I first heard Oh! Well earlier this year, keep an eye out for these guys. Check out the video for “Under the Flowers,” directed by Eddie O’Keefe.



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2 responses to “The Orwells: “Under the Flowers”

  1. amazing song, these kids must have a lot of soul and sure know how to rock!

  2. tweeper jeff

    this is a jam

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